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We are here to provide you with a truly hassle free business model. All you need to do is:

Advertise Our Products Online

Advertise for Salespeople

Get Salespeople together once a week in person for us to train over Skype.

With our NEW financing option, you can get started very quickly!

Exclusive Opportunity

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IPS Safety Inc. Distributorships Now Available in Selected Exclusive Areas In Canada and the United States

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What is IPS Safety Inc.?

IPS Safety Inc. was created in response to the massive growing need for camera surveillance, the care and protection of Seniors and the more vulnerable among us, as well as addressing the problem of cost and intricacy regarding electronic surveillance and tracking. We source our products directly from trusted manufacturers.

We provide security, safety, and protection across North America through the use of surveillance cameras and tracking devices.

Because people are increasingly concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones, homes, and businesses, we are a Canadian company committed to providing Protection, Security, and Safety through our affordable, easy-to-use technology and support to people across North America.

Possibly the Greatest Business Opportunity for $25,000!

Customer Support

By providing video and telephone support to customers, we have overcome various common problems customers often have to face. Say goodbye to dealing with translated instructions and the lack of technical support available from large companies, many alarm companies, big-box stores, and online sales.

No Installation Required

Customers can start using our products within minutes – no installation required, no laborers trampling through your home or business, no contracts to sign.

Reasonable Prices

We source our products directly from the manufacturers, thereby keeping our costs low.

70 Years Experience

We share our collective business and sales experience with our Distributors and their Salespeople

Are You looking For a Business Opportunity That's Easy to Run?

Join The IPS Safety Inc. Distributor Family!

IPS Safety Inc. Distributorships Now Available in Selected Exclusive Areas In
Canada and the United States

Choose Your Territory

You get to choose your own territory of +- 250,000 people (subject to availability) for only $ 25,000!

Salespeople Do The Marketing

Your salespeople market our Surveillance Cameras, Fall/SOS/Tracking Devices across North America. All sales originating in your territory, no matter where they are made, contribute to your income.

Free Coaching

We provide free, ongoing coaching and training on a weekly basis.

Work From Home

You can Work from home, full-time or part-time!

One Time Payment

To maintain your Distributorship after a year, you only require easily achievable monthly sales for your entire territory.

There Are Only 3 Duties of Being a Distributor

We take care of the rest, because we like to keep things simple for you!


Advertise Our Products Online

We provide you with all the material and you advertise our products online.


Advertise for Salespeople

You advertise for Salespeople online and they respond directly to us. You can also advertise for Distributors in other areas and receive a generous commission on successful applicants.


Skype Training Once A Week

Get Salespeople together once a week in person for us to train over Skype.

What We Do For You
To ensure your business remains hassle-free!

Recruiting & Training

We recruit, coach, and train the salespeople who respond to your adverts.

Fulfill Orders

We fulfill all orders, less
hassle for you!

Day-to-Day Tasks

We deal with all day-to-day tasks such as deliveries, inventory, warranties, purchases, commission payments.

Customer Care

We provide customer care
to all clients.

Payments to Salespeople

We take care of all payments to salespeople.

We Support You!

We provide you with coaching, support and training.

With our NEW financing option, you can get started very


Call Robin Elliott at IPS Safety Inc. now for more information and a no-pressure, no-commitment interview!

Easily Trackable Sales & Income

You will love our business model!

Each Distributor is provided with a unique Discount Code. Salespeople and Distributors provide customers with their Discount Code which the customers use on our website to earn a 5% discount when purchasing our products. These Discount Codes are used to track all sales and attribute commissions to the salesperson and the Distributor making those sales.​

Income Calculation: In addition to individual sales commissions, Distributors are paid fifty percent (50%) of the company profit derived from their territory. We use postal codes or zip codes to track all sales to calculate monthly Distributor payouts for their territories.

You Earn 50% of the Company Profit for your Territory, based on all sales made anywhere in North America that originate from yourself and your salespeople in your territory, PLUS commissions on all your own sales made anywhere in North America!

Where You Save So you earn more!
So you earn more!

We create all the marketing materials and Distributors only pay to advertise for salespeople in their territories and to sell products. We maintain and upgrade our website. We assist in the recruiting of those salespeople – each one signs a contract with IPS Safety Inc. – and we assist in the regular, weekly training of these salespeople via Skype or on the phone, as well training and coaching our Distributors.

Our marketing strength is in leverage and collaboration. We have limited marketing budget – instead, we pay generous commissions and keep our prices reasonable.

In addition to their sales and Distributor income, our Distributors earn extra residual income from our incentive program which Salespeople use to obtain appointments, referrals, and access to potential customers.

Affordable Business - Serving Seniors
The Largest, Fastest Growing, Most
Profitable Market!

Who Are We?

IPS Safety Inc. is an Incorporated, Registered, Insured Canadian Company based in Surrey, British Columbia,
Canada at 12194 86th Avenue, Surrey, BC. We service Canada and the United States.

We are a Member of the Consumer Technology Association and the Surrey Board of Trade.

Ken K S Chahal
Managing Director

Robin Elliott
Sales and Marketing Director

“The best part of owning a Company like IPS Safety Inc.
is hearing our Distributors tell us how simple it is to run and how in control of their lives they are."

We Look Forward
To Expanding Our Distributorships!

More Benefits of Our Business Model

Our aim is to keep things simple for you!

One Time Payment - To maintain your Distributorship after a year, you only require easily achievable monthly sales target for your entire territory.

No Inventory, Shipping, or Finances - All sales take place from our website and they are tracked by Salesperson Discount Codes and Postal Codes/Zip Codes. Work from home or an office.

No Warranties, Insurance or Licensing Required for Distributors – we carry it all.

No Salaries To Pay - We take care of everything for our Distributors.

Use Our Website and Marketing Material - All purchases and tracking, all payments go through the company website, which the company maintains.

You Get Free Training, Guidance, and Coaching - We help you recruit and train your salespeople, who work on commission only. You advertise for salespeople in your territory, they respond to us, we recruit them for you.

We Provide Telephone Support To Our Customers.

We Continually Grow Our Product Line - Each product line is subject to exhaustive testing before we add it to our offering.

Our Customers Easily and Quickly Set Up Their Own Equipment – no installation is necessary.

Distributors receive a territory of around 250,000 people (subject to availability) for a one-time investment of $25,000 - Salespeople, as well as the Distributor himself, can sell anywhere in North America.

A Truly Hassle-Free, Proven Business Model

No Inventory purchase requirements

No production requirements (except after one year, and then only easily achievable gross sales per Territory)

No website maintenance

No leases

No salaries to pay

No financials, purchases, collections, or commissions to pay

No training or coaching or managing of Salespeople (except ensuring their weekly participation for their Skype training)

No recruiting (you simply advertise, we recruit your salespeople)

No meetings to attend, work from home

Contact us

12194 86th Avenue Surrey,

BC Canada V3W 3H7

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